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Information for Speech Pathologists

Speech Pathologist - Information for Speech Pathologists

Speech pathologists play a critically important role in identifying patients who could benefit from Orofacial Myology therapy. Speech pathologists are often presented with Oromyofunctional Disorders such as incorrect lip, tongue and jaw rest and functional patterns, which can affect speech sounds.

A tongue thrust for instance can cause the sounds of /s/, /z/, /sh/, /zh/, /ch/ and /j/ to be produced differently creating frontal and lateral lisps. It is also more difficult to produce the sounds of /t/, /d/, /n/ and /l/ if the tongue tip muscles are weak. Open mouth rest postures can also make the lip muscles weak causing trouble for the /b/, /p/, and /m/ sounds.

An individualized therapy program with Cherry Creek Orofacial Myology is exercised based and developed to aid speech pathologists in correcting these rest and functional abnormal patterns so the proper articulation can be taught and mastered easier.

Speech pathologists can find out more about working with Cherry Creek Orofacial Myology by contacting us or by requesting a Lunch & Learn for your office and staff.