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“It is so nice to see A.J. (age 12) talk and not see his tongue. He has so much more control talking and eating.”  — Juli”

“Wow! I’m so glad I’ve started working with Mary at Cherry Creek Orofacial Myology. Mary has an impressive program and that, combined with her light hearted personality, is wonderful.”Nancy

“I started my therapy with Mary for the appearance of my neck, chin and mouth. I began to see results within one week of treatment. After two, then three appointments I was amazed at the difference in my profile. I am now half way through treatment and know the outcome will be dramatic in the end!”Monica

“The results are amazing! Mary makes the exercises interesting and fun!”Marlene

“We even came back to visit Ms. Mary when we were done.” Annie (Mom) & Abby (9 yrs. old)

“I actually never chewed my nails again ever since I came to see you.” Emma (8 yrs. old)

“I love to go to Ms. Mary so I can work to get my tongue trained to do the right thing.” — Logan (9 yrs. old)