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Information for Pediatricians

boyPediatricians play a critically important role in identifying children who could benefit from Orofacial Myology therapy.

Pediatricians are in a unique position to catch orofacial issues early in a child’s development, which can lead to both abnormal growth and structural formation of the child’s face, and development of low self-esteem. Allergic shiners, mouth breathing and Long Narrow Face Syndrome, can be attributed to incorrect swallowing and breathing patterns and are just three of the outcomes seen when oromyofunctional disorders go untreated.

The early detection and diagnosis of common orofacial issues can be treated through an individualized therapy program with Cherry Creek Orofacial Myology. Orofacial Myology in conjunction with pediatricians is an integral part of the health care team for children. Orofacial Myology assesses and corrects common orofacial issues such as tongue thrust, open mouth breathing, thumb sucking, nail and cuticle biting, pacifier habits, lip wedging and ankyloglossia (tongue tied).

In addition to these common orofacial issues in children, the tone of facial muscles can be weak in children with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Bells Palsy and other neurological disorders. By working with Cherry Creek Orofacial Myology, these children can improve their daily functions of speech and eating patterns as well as develop proper lip, tongue and jaw postures and function.

Having Cherry Creek Orofacial Myology work in conjunction with pediatricians can provide dramatic results for children who suffer from dysfunctions caused by incorrect rest, swallow, and functional breathing patterns—all of which can impact eating patterns, facial rest postures and speech sounds. Results are often dramatic, occur in about 4 months and are sustainable over a lifetime.

Pediatricians can find out more about working with Cherry Creek Orofacial Myology by contacting us or by requesting a Lunch & Learn for your office and staff.