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Therapy For AdultsOrofacial Myology therapy can work for people of all ages because it is exercise based. Common disorders seen in the adult population include but are not limited to tongue thrust, Muscular TMD (temporal mandibular disorder), open rest mouth posture, chronic cheek biting, nail/cuticle biting, drooling (nighttime or day), clenching, bruxing and a lack of facial tonality. Orofacial Myology therapy can help establish correct lip, tongue and jaw postures and function.

Our therapy is non-invasive and uses no drug therapy. It is neuro-muscular based. A typical therapy program takes about 4 months and requires daily exercises by the patient for a few minutes, three times a day, to achieve a normal oral environment with regard to lip, tongue and jaw posturing. Lasting results are often dramatic, occur in about a four-month period and are sustainable over a lifetime. Photographs and measurements are taken throughout the therapy program to show progression of the treatment and results.

The total number of visits needed to complete treatment will be addressed during the initial evaluation appointment and assessed as treatment progresses.