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Therapy for ChildrenOrofacial Myology in conjunction with pediatricians is an integral part of the health-care team for children. Thumb sucking, pacifier habits, nail biting, and allergic shiners (dark circles under the eyes) are just a few of the Orofacial Myology disorders Cherry Creek Orofacial Myology addresses. The prolonged habits of thumb/finger sucking and pacifier use can alter the normal growth pattern of a child’s face causing high palatal arches, open mouth postures, malocclusion and elongated facial growth. The tone of facial muscles can be weak in children with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Bells Palsy and other neurological disorders. An individualized program developed by Cherry Creek Orofacial Myology will help correct abnormal lip, tongue, jaw resting and functioning patterns which can improve daily functions of speech and eating patterns for these children.

Our therapy is non-invasive and uses no drug therapy. It is neuro-muscular based. A typical therapy program takes about 4 months and Therapy For Childrenrequires daily exercises by the patient for a few minutes, three times a day, to achieve correct lip, tongue and jaw resting and functioning patterns. Lasting results are often dramatic, occur in about a four-month period and are sustainable over a lifetime. Photographs and measurements are taken throughout the therapy program to show progression of the treatment and results.

The total number of visits needed to complete treatment will be addressed during the initial evaluation appointment and assessed as treatment progresses.