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Thumb Sucking

Case Study:

Before Therapy:

Thumb Sucking Before

This picture is showing the mouth of an 8 year-old-thumb sucker. The habit has caused the teeth to move creating an open bite. It is classified an open bite when the teeth do not overlap. Open bites can occur in the mouth on both the front and/or back teeth. Open bites can be caused by thumb sucking, pacifier use or incorrect swallow patterns (tongue thrust).

Another point to note in this picture is the resting position of the tongue which is down and forward. This tongue resting posture has been reinforced or perhaps created by the thumb sucking habit.

Before Therapy:

Thumb Sucking Before

This picture is showing a tongue thrust or incorrect swallow pattern of the same 8 year-old-thumb sucker. The tongue in this picture protrudes forward instead of staying in the mouth within the palatal area.

After Therapy:

Thumb Sucking After

In this picture, notice the difference between the original bite shown above and this picture. After Orofacial Myology therapy the teeth are much closer together as the bite is now closing. The thumb sucking habit has been eliminated and the correct tongue rest and swallowing pattern are occurring.

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