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Lip Changes

Case Study:

Before Therapy:  

LipChangesBefore1 LipChangesBefore2

This picture reflects a girl with poor lip tone, which is often seen in patients requiring Orofacial Myology therapy due to open mouth rest postures. In this picture, notice how the mucosa (inside red part) of the lip is rolled out and exposed. This is due to the poor muscle tone in the lips. Often times drooling during the day or at nighttime is a symptom of poor lip tone.

Before Therapy:


In this particular case, poor lip tone has affected the smile capacity in this 13-year-old-girl. She had been told the cause was probably neurological and nothing could be done about her smile.

After Therapy:

LipChanges_3A  LipChanges_3B
After 4 months of Orofacial Myology therapy the 13-year-old-girl’s lip tone is better and her smile has improved dramatically.

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